the prism house

shapes & colours

I’ve come to discover a likeness these past few years between all my various interests: repetition and colour coded shapes. In fact, most things I like and am good share … Continue reading

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Animation Station

Well fine folks, I seem to be on an adventure. I arrived safely in my new (temporary) home in Montreal toward the beginning of November and am settling in quite … Continue reading

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We live in a Mary Pratt painting

Here is the first set of finished mats, photographed in my mom’s kitchen. Please note how the light catches her homemade jars of jam so elegantly, as if we are … Continue reading

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Summer in winter

Weaving is a combination of primarily two forces, a horizontal one and a vertical one. Essentially you’re laying in the horizontal threads, while controlling the action of the “vertical” threads … Continue reading

October 29, 2016 · 4 Comments

Held Fast

Held fast by art, by community, by friendship, through fear and by trust. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Eastern Edge Gallery and the HOLD FAST Contemporary Art Festival … Continue reading

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HOLD FAST to your hats!

It’s here! HOLD FAST Contemporary Art Festival (formerly known as The Art Marathon Festival) is a huge undertaking that I am usually an organizer of…but this year I am one … Continue reading

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It was a wild ride, and now the show is over. Not forever, I hope. We’ll be looking at new venues for this exhibition in the hopes that it may … Continue reading

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