the prism house

on your mark, get set…

This past weekend marked the beginning of the Art Marathon at Eastern Edge artist run centre.

It kicked off Saturday night an amazing evening of Slowdance courtesy of Sherwin Tjia. Sets of crooning, spin-your-partner-slowly-in-tiny-cirlces songs punctuated by ten minute intermissions of dance-your-feet off tunes, complete with dance-cards to sign up those people you were admiring across the dance floor by the soft glow of the christmas lights.

Presently based in Montreal, Tjia is responsible for other fun events, like Strip Spelling Bees. Follow the sexy fun here.

I would also like to welcome Emmanuelle Jacques, crashing at the prism house while she is here for the Marathon. Jacques cannon fodder are maps and stamps she has created herself, and uses in her own work as well as workshops to map psychology onto physical spaces. She will be conducting make-you-own-stamps-and-maps workshops at Eastern Edge this coming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 11am – 2pm.

The week culminates in the 24 Hour Art Marathon, where participating artists get together and make things from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Following the Marathon, all works will be featured in a silent auction at Eastern Edge – half the proceeds to the artists and half to the gallery.

Check out the full event listings here.


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