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BCL, stamp-mapping, well-lit downpour

Today was a good day. Fun in the sun, romps in the rain, memory-mapping and traipsing through the city with a large axe. Art gives us license to be weird in public, and that’s a good thing.

Spent the morning making maps with hand-carved stamps by Emmanuelle Jacques. A fun exercise in exorcising memory-baggage that has been hunkering down in my consciousness – a neat way to send it packing. Of course, this isn’t the main purpose of Emmanuelle’s work, but she really enjoys people making maps to their own ends.

Emmanuelle and I took up with Hiba and Josh from Broken City Lab for the afternoon. Based out of Windsor, ON, their work sprawls through “locality, infrastructures, education, and creative practice leading towards civic change.” (BCL). BCL recently acquired a space in Windsor that Hiba described to me as being not really a gallery, not really an office, not really a definitive space, but something in between – welcome to Civic Space. 

Image courtesy of Broken City Lab blog

There is just so much awesome going on with these folks it would be silly to try to describe it all succinctly here. Please, take some time to enjoy yourself slinking through their websites, projects, documentation, workshops and events. Plus hanging out with them allowed me to walk around town with a really big axe. So they totally pumped up my street cred. Images from our trek today will be posted on their blog tonight.

I’m stoked for tomorrow’s 24 Hour Art Marathon, where there will be bands playing late into the night and dozens of artists making things through sleepless delirium.

To prep for this, I’m off to weave some hair into thread, until it’s time to put my naan bread in the oven.

Good night friends.


One comment on “BCL, stamp-mapping, well-lit downpour

  1. Harry Bryan
    August 25, 2012

    Great post Kailey!

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