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I like to be awake for 30+ hours – tales of the marathon

Soooo much has happened in the last four days.

And most of it happened at the 24 Hour Art Marathon at Eastern Edge, because most of the two following days were consumed by sleep.

Tales of the Marathon:

Artists working away. This was around 2am. Or maybe 4. Who knows.

I arrived at 11 am and was assigned to the garage where I assisted artists in locating their designated spaces. This was a nice couple hours as I got to meet a lot of fabulous artfolk and talk to them about their projects for the night.

Following that I was able to decorate a tent, make some signs, and make some art, in that order. The DJ showed up mid-afternoon and got an open-mic kicking where there was some great impromptu R&B while the guys got busy re-inventing the Eastern Edge wall.

Ernest, photographer extraordinaire, in front of the revamped Eastern Edge wall around 5:40am.

Major thanks to Big Al’s Heavy Metal Soup Kitchen for providing the meals, including vegetarian chili, salads, wraps, quinoa, curry, and apple crisp. I had a blast handing out food and doing dishes (some zen time) in between my stints of making things.

Dusk loomed upon us and the crowds surged inward. During the night we were accosted and soothed, in turns, by several bands. You can check out the lineup here. Outside the people flocked to the beer tent, adjacent to a DJ area spinning exceptional Eclipse-like beats while technicolour lights zoomed around my dancing body. It felt like I was inhabiting a lava lamp.

I spent the evening working on a book-making project. The work, called Strays, featured solvent-transferred images on bamboo paper, stitched with thread I made from human hair (thanks Meghan!). I was working in the print studio alongside the immensely talented Jason Higdon. What a pleasure to see his work in action.

Jason hard at work.

In the morning, only three hours before the auction, I began another project which is only a quarter complete, but I am really excited about it. Continuing the theme of zen and the art of hair-weaving, I am looking forward to working on it in my oncoming free time.

Around 5:20 in the morning the sun started rising way out over the Atlantic, and long before we could see the glowing orb it began to lighten the sky.

Rene captures photos of sky as it pales.

The rusty orange and pthalo blue hues meandered through the sky, and pulled the most amazing luminous turquoise from the water in the harbour. Photos do no justice at all. Cabot tower looked like a rook guarding the narrows. The crowd really started to thin out after that.

At sunrise we were greeted with the most scrumptious and welcome meal that was totally and indescribably necessary. Rocket bakery donated buns, jams, and fertada that could not have been more absolutely perfect. Those few mad ones still left at the festival feasted and rested our weary bodies for a bit before getting back to the grind.

Rene, Duncan, Katie, and Kyle, staff at Eastern Edge, get food set up while us night-owls patiently await these tasty delights.

The event summed up at the auction, where humans strolled about perusing art made in the wee sleepless hours of the morn, and bid silently on them. I fled the scene of the art in order to tour a couple of our guests from Montreal around Cape Spear and Signal Hill before they departed for their homeland. A bientot!

And a Great Big Thank You to Eastern Edge for this stellar experience!

Though eyes were puffy, tiny glazed orbs peering out from distant psyches, I was ready to do another one Sunday night.

Bring it on!

Another part of Harbourside studio, filled with artfolk.


3 comments on “I like to be awake for 30+ hours – tales of the marathon

  1. Suzanne Bryan
    August 29, 2012

    A wonderful story of the 24 art marathon. Makes one wish they were able to be there with everyone….creating, bonding….enjoying…..
    Nice to see photos of the event.
    A good time had by all. We were fortunate to be able to attend the auction.
    Many interesting pieces of work.
    Congratulations to all involved!

  2. Harry Bryan
    August 30, 2012

    Well written and well done. It was great to be there even for a short time.

  3. theprismhouse
    August 30, 2012

    It really was such a pleasure to be surrounded by so much talent and energy! Thanks for reading, and for attending!

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