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new things from old things

So, in the evenings, around dusk, light saunters across the coffee table where I am working and illuminates these books I’ve been making:

Once upon a time, these things were: little swatches of fabric and cloth, empty beer cases, a ragged Radiohead poster, a cardboard box for some tiny thing. The button is still a button.

I am making these books from nothing but recycled materials and little bits of scrap I have lying around (you can see the beer logo, just barely, through the paper on the inside cover of the book). These don’t have pages yet, but they will! That part of the task will be a lengthy one, as I am aiming to use only paper that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage (like at my work, where there is no recycling program as yet).

bamboo paper, solvent transfers, 46 hairs from Meghan Nuttall – Thanks Meghan!!!





Here is the book I made for the 24 Hour Art Marathon.




The solvent transfers weren’t flawless, but then again what is?

hair thread up close.

The binding cord is actually 46 individual strands of hair, glued end to end and woven into a durable thread during many hours of zen time (thanks to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for helping through that).

Scoot on over to my website, for full image catalogue of the book.

look at all those supplies so…kind of neatly stacked away!

Also, I installed shelving in the studio closet the other day. I am really excited about extra storage space!!! Hooray!!!

Well, there are lots of new projects on the go here at tph, and I’m going to go get to ’em. I hope you’re all having a lovely, relaxing Sunday! 


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