the prism house

shows and proposals and things!

The last week has been filled with:

coffee & tea

art-talk around the kitchen table at night



guitars & bonfires

proposal writing & “what is arting”ing

mostly in preparation for a submission deadline at Struts & Faucet, this very amazing gallery/artist run centre in Sackville, New Brunswick. I was also able to get some physical work done on a couple projects, including dozens and dozens of tiny transfers on dozens and dozens of tiny pieces of basswood.

tiny wood, tiny transfers…

This has been a two-fold week for prism house permanent resident artist Audrey Hurd, who has not only just completed the Struts & Faucet residency application, but also just finished hanging her work for exhibition Anything Goes at the Leyton Gallery here in St. John’s. She will be interviewed on CBC for Weekend Arts Magazine – tune in the morning of Saturday, Oct. 6th!

“Anything Goes” at the Leyton Gallery. Oct. 6 – 28, 2012.


And halfway across the country…

Toronto’s The White House, an outstanding artist-run gallery and print studio in Kensington Market is, tragically, closing its’ doors this weekend. They will be holding a silent auction to help balance their outstanding debt. And it will be really worth it.

image of the Whitehouse studio space in Kensington.

The White House has been a staple in the Toronto arts community for several years now, with hundreds moving in and out of the space for performances, exhibitions, and a really wonderful space to make work. If you are in the Toronto area please go out and show your love and support!!!:

The White House Silent Auction of Demise!


do yourself a favour and go to this amazing thing!!!

I should also let you know about FEDORA UPSIDE DOWN FESTIVAL II, also happening in Toronto and arguably the very best thing you’ll do all year. Featuring three stages, countless amazing bands (including the absolutely dr.seuss-ian unbelievable LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA), tons of artists, theatrical performers, clowns, dancers, poets, you-name-its – SERIOUSLY. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

Advance tickets on sale now:


In other news, the single largest tub of margarine ever has appeared in our fridge. 1.8 kg.


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