the prism house

don’t worry, bee lovely

Saturday night marked the first ever Strip Spelling Bee in St. John’s. Thanks to our dear Eastern Edge Artist Run Centre for providing such a warm, welcoming home for such a bare-fleshed event, and big thanks to Sherwin Tjia for bringing the sexy to St. John’s!

Tjia set the stage in some sassy pumps and sexy satin, well coifed and foul-mouthed for the most fun we’ve seen since the Art Marathon! Thanks to all the delicious spellers who were brave enough to get up there, get confused, and get naked! What a night it was! Following the Bee Eastern Edge was kind enough to keep the space open for an intimate, underwear-ed, Crowd Karaoke (thanks Sherwin!).

I’d love to post photos from this event, but the strict no photo policy prevents such a thing. But it was sexy. Trust me.

An hour before I welcomed Sherwin off the plane from Montreal, I bid a fond farewell to our previous resident artist Kirsty McKeown. Our last weekend hosting her was brilliant, filled with cooking, walking, and dancing in the kitchen.

dancing in the kitchen/flashlight strobe

Audrey and Kirsty make delicious foods!

tiny oven, veggie overload

lovely foods, featuring (L-R): Kirsty, April (new to Eastern Edge and talented print maker!), myself, J, Jason (brilliant painter), Audrey (artiste extraordinaire!)


Thanks for being your brilliant selves.


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