the prism house

views from: a bed, a plane, a glory hole

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since my last update!

First things first:

I just yesterday returned from a trip to Toronto, whose primary business was the attendance of my cousin’s wedding, but which also afforded me the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes enjoyment of Joshua Vettivelu‘s installation Glory Hole at the Toronto International Art Fair.

Performance Times:
Saturday, Oct. 27: 12-2, 4-6, 7-8
Sunday, Oct. 28: 12-2, 4-6

Located at the top of the entrance escalator near the booth for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Glory Hole “reflects on moments where the transcendent, the sentimental, and the spiritual become commercial commodity. It consists of two parts, an architecture that camouflages and a performance that produces an object, seemingly endlessly.” (from artist statement for Glory Hole, Joshua Vettivelu, 2012).

I will write a proper review of this piece once it has completed, and I look forward to including more images of the work as they become available.

In Other News:

While back in Toronto I also:

devoured delicious curries, stews, salads, and pastries

met some amazing artists

snuggled with some of my very favourites

walked around in the rain

had coffee in two very nostalgic hangs

saw some beautiful tables

hung out with some cats.

Here are some photos:

view from a plane.

view from a blow up mattress.

view out a window.



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