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a suspension of …eggs?

Time for the Big Reveal for those of you lovelies who are unable to attend the ITSYBITSY show at Eastern Edge Artist Run Centre – the show of miniature works that make a big dent in your brainheart.

I recently began a series of ity-bity sculptural experiments featuring whole eggs suspended by human hair in tiny metal frames found at flea markets.

Here are the first two, on display at Eastern Edge until the show closes on December 8, 2012. Photos courtesy of Harry Bryan.

“to suspend”
egg, found frame, human hair, walnut

“we were young once, too”
egg, found frames, human hair, walnut

side by side, hand-made shelves.


Oh hey how ’bout a coupla close-ups:

hair-weaving close-up
“to suspend”

four-sided weave. continuous strand.
“we were young once, too”

wrinkly side.
“we were young once, too”

weird little things, happy little Kailey.



In other news, this is what our sunny kitchen nook looks like right now (books courtesy of myself and Audrey Hurd). All the great authors, minus the teenage angst:

L-R: Sylvia, Frog, Basil, Rosemary, Margaret.



2 comments on “a suspension of …eggs?

  1. Suzanne Bryan
    November 14, 2012

    I am happy that we were able to see the show yesterday. There are many interesting pieces. It was my favourite show so far!!
    Love the pictures of your beach finds.
    It was a lovely walk through Bowring Park yesterday.
    A wonderful day in St John’s……

  2. Suzanne Bryan
    November 14, 2012

    Love your work!!!

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