the prism house

fancy corpse corps


So many lovely things have happened in the last two weeks. Of these lovely things perhaps one of the loveliest was the spontaneous blossoming of the Fancy Corpse Corps, also known as a group of strange artists in fancy clothing drinking beer and blindly writing collective stories with some of the most stunning illustrations this side of the moon. Please indulge in these future-award-winning flights of our post-mortem fancy:

Participants in the loveliness:

  • Mary MacDonald and April White, the current Director and Assistant Director of our favourite local artist run centre Eastern Edge.
  • Sherwin Tjia, who has been in town working away on books and other projects, and providing the smart and sexy stage for more earnest attempts at spelling difficult words (also known as the wild and wonderful Strip Spelling Bee).
  • Audrey Hurd, Prism House resident and printmaker extraordinaire. Audrey is handily one of the best drawer-story-tellers in the history of this fair planet and doing some fun things these days with stucco.
  • Kyle Bustin, former Assistant Director at Eastern Edge and currently working away at St. Michael’s Printshop. Kyle’s painting work, recently featured at Eastern Edge in the annual members show, is large, colourful, gestural and replete with fascinating form and texture.
  • Jordan Anseeuw, Prism House resident on a voracious screenplay writing wave.
  • Fancy miniature quiches and only the best brands of potato chip.

Thanks to these beautiful folk for making this house so darned special. Especially you, quiche.




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