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Resident artist Joshua Vettivelu was recently featured in Issue Magazine’s latest edition on the theme of Light.

You can, and probably should, read this exceptional article Here.

Joshua Vettvelu. Light Drawing, 2012.

Joshua Vettvelu. Cut Drawing, 2012.

Vettivelu’s practice is frequently concerned with those experiences and elements that exist viscerally, yet somehow in excess of the body, like “…moments of desire, closeness, intimacy and longing…false transcendence” This latest series, called Cut Drawings, are delicately carved out of thin sheets of paper, their images only becoming visible when held up to light. This process of rendering visible takes the two dimensional works and creates a sculptural, gestural experience; the light acts as a diffuse, spatial vehicle to draw forth images that both react to and depict more-than-bodily experiences.

The Cut Drawings were created for Rum and Roti, one instalment of Andil Gosine‘s Wardrobes series.

“I associate the reductive carving process with a sense of trauma, where the body is formed and constituted by a series of cuts, but this gives it lightness. It is as if I was trying to erase/cut away the physical body to get at that unnamable thing within ourselves.” – Joshua Vettivelu

(quotes pulled from his interview The Body as a Transparent Scar, in ISSUE Magazine).


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