the prism house

gruff bear productions presents…

A book!

As you may recall from a previous post, my very good friend and extremely talented artist roommate Audrey Hurd gifted me a beautiful print over the holidays. Given my penchant for recycled-materials book-making, I wanted to craft her something bright and fun and silly and lovely just like herself.

Here’s what happened:

The bear featured on this book has become somewhat of a staple in the prism house. Audrey and I spend vast amounts of time channeling the bear, who has been dubbed “gruff but self conscious bear who offers you a fish”. I made this book following instructions found here:

But instead of nice card and fresh paper, I always use recycled cardboard (it works just fine!) and recycled paper for the insides.

In other news, today I am feeling like just the most relaxed and content and totally accepting of all the ups and downs of life and radiating good vibes to all of you.

Have the best sunday ever.


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