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The first order of business:

Anna Williams’ exhibition Dark Timber opens tonight at the Eastern Edge artist run centre – 72 Harbour Drive. Williams’ joins us from Ottawa alongside two bronze fawns, an enormous braided rug made from repurposed clothing, and a hundred cast glass arrows. Come tonight at 7, hang out, drink beer, and groove on her artist talk. You can see more of her work here.

I also wrote the exhibition text for this show, which was kinda neat. Hard to squeeze into 600 words though!

I’ll be behind the bar tonight – come say hello! (I will reward you with beer).

Anna Williams "Dark Timber" at Eastern Edge, Feb. 23 - April 6

Anna Williams “Dark Timber” at Eastern Edge, Feb. 23 – April 6


Art by Instruction

ART BY INSTRUCTION — March 16 to April 6
Eastern Edge Gallery — Rogue Gallery

This special exhibition for MUN’s Grenfell campus Visual Arts BFA’s encourages these emerging artists to
submit instructions for making art at Eastern Edge. Be it complicated miniature spaceship crafting, jumping in circles or holding hands with strangers, these instructions are sure to provoke you to do daring, insightful, fun, funny and heartwarming things. Please share this with your friends at Grenfell, or come for the show and make some art/do some things!

Here comes the facebook page:


pennies! PENNIES!!! ahahahaha

pennies! PENNIES!!! ahahahaha

Join us for some penny rolling mania!!!
March 16 2013 at Eastern Edge Gallery from 12 – 5 pm.
The more you roll, the bigger the prize!
Choose a prize each time you reach 20, 40 and 80 rolls!

Eastern Edge has been gathering donations – nothing much, just a few of those darned pennies that seem to be weighing down your pockets. Heck, they’re on the way out, so you may as well give them to this great cause!

Eastern Edge explains the project:

“Our goal was to recreate one of Canada’s most iconic works of contemporary art: Gerald Ferguson’s, 1,000,000 Canadian Pennies (1979) while at the same time raising funds for artist-run culture here in Newfoundland through Eastern Edge. In March 2012, the Canadian Government announced that, as a cost saving measure, the Canadian penny would be withdrawn from circulation and no longer minted. And in February of this year, the mint will begin to melt down pennies into copper. Thus the Canadian penny will cease to exist! But as every artist knows, the value of a penny is high as we always need to pinch them.”

Check out the facebook page, grab your old change, and join us at the gallery! This is gonna be a great time. Trust me!


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