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terrible fallout

Normally I like to post things that are hopeful. Things that are infused with light and loveliness and joy. Today is not one of those kinds of posts. Today we, here in the arts community, lament the loss of our representation and support across the province in a big kind of way.

Yesterday was trundling along like any normal hectic Thursday-before-a-long-weekend. But then the bad news started trickling in. Representatives in government for the development of the Craft sector: cut. THIRTEEN innovative and influential members of the staff at our provincial art gallery The Rooms out of work. These include some of the most forward-thinking members of community outreach, education and curation. Already employment services has been gutted. Next comes health and education.

The Rooms provincial art gallery

The Rooms provincial art gallery

I won’t pretend to have a great understanding of federal or provincial finances. These concise little articles were of some use in understanding why we so suddenly feel slashed at the knees:

CBC – N.L. chopping 1,200 positions to rein in deficit

Telegram – Budget 2013 details job cuts, reduces projected deficit by $1 billion

At very least, nothing has been cut from our dear Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council – read the statement from the Chair here.

My next post will be, as usual, filled with light and loveliness and all about the Eastern Edge Art Marathon Festival! Which we can look forward to frolicking in, as usual, sans cuts, in August.

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