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Sketchbook Challenges!

My good friends Miki & Heather have launched this amazing, heart-warming, eye-brightening space ARTiculations in Toronto’s Junction area. The store/gallery/educational haven focuses on enviro-friendly art supplies and skill sharing. The space includes the Earl Selkirk Gallery, the shop, and a workshop space both upstairs and down which can accommodate workshops of various types, including book-binding, print, painting, and an array of other loveliness.

In lovely news about this lovely space: They recently launched the exhibition Fill-em-up Sketchbook Challenge 2013! Sketchbooks from all over Ontario (and as far afield as St. John’s, NL…) make up the show, where each participant was challenged to grab an old, partly empty sketchbook and fill it up. One sketch a day was the goal. The results are awe-inspiring.


Busy busy opening night!

While my sketchbook itself never made it across those vast swathes of land between here and Toronto, digital images of its pages did. You can find them flipping slowly across a digital photo frame in the gallery, alongside a whole wack-a-doo of actual sketchbooks. So if you’re in the Toronto area, go check it out – and grab some supplies and a workshop while you’re there! Say “hello” to Heather and Miki for me 🙂


Here is one of them there sketchbook pages I mentioned



“Swaddle”, sketchbook 2012.


sketchbook page, 2013.


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