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portrait of the artist as plant

Yesterday Audrey and I sat out on the deck all day in the 25+ degree breeze-less sunshine in bathing suits and did our best impressions of plants. For inspiration, we brought all our plants outside for a field trip. They perked right up, little leaves reaching for the sun. I made a new friend from the garden and generally basked in a sense of universal love and well being.

In other news, I recently did a block printing class at The Anna Templeton Centre with artist Morgaine Parnham, a textile artist working at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation Craft Incubator.

printed onto paper & a tote bag

printed onto paper & a tote bag

Today is grey but my hopes are high for an evening of happy making. Audrey and I have been discussing the imminent building of raised beds for the garden and planting of seeds.

Today the skies are heavy and I am light with possibility.


One comment on “portrait of the artist as plant

  1. Harry Bryan
    May 6, 2013

    Very nice Smidgely.

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