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PRICKS - a pop up art show

PRICKS – a pop up art show.
Photo by Audrey Hurd

postcard back

It’s exactly what it looks like! My good friend Andrew Wardlaw and I will be having a pop-up art show at local amazing cafe Post Espresso Bar, where the coffee is exceptional, the staff are delightful, and the walls are pristine white. Huge thanks to our buddy Chad for DJing, and to David at Post for being so incredibly accommodating and supportive of the (weird) arts!

So if you’re in St. John’s next Saturday, July 27th, come by for the evening! Featuring performance, installation, video, sculpture, print and collage work, this evening will be some weird fun.

We guarantee it.

Check out our facbeook event page and share with your (weird) (artsy) friends!

Photo Credits: Audrey Hurd

Here come some artist statements…

Andrew Wardlaw is really just a Disney Princess resting peacefully in space while awaiting a psychedelic prince. He pours all his energy into projecting love and warmth into the universe, hoping that one day it will all come back in the shape of David Bowie crossed with Psy. From November 2012 to April 2013, Andrew was on a self-funded residency in Montreal, working and living out of his studio. Over six months, he put together a body of work focusing on dematerializing, the collective unconscious, astral projection, love, and sex. Andrew works with colours, shapes, textures, space, humor, transparencies, light and everyday materials in a smash of styles to create some funky shit. The work shown in “Pricks” is a small sample from this collection.

Disney princess

Kailey Bryan likes to make things. She will: talk at length to her umbrella tree; spend countless hours gluing individual strands of hair together; stare at horizon lines for unreasonable lengths of time; spend unsettling periods of time between words with unfocused eyes struggling desperately to translate the animations in her brain into language. She works primarily in sculpture/installation, and most recently video/performance. She enjoys skin, hair, and other organic materials, large bodies of water, and puns

Labyrinth - hair


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