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This year, a very dedicated crew of artists dreamed something very special into being. Months of intense (and love-filled) labour brought us one of the best, most exciting Art Marathon Festivals yet, featuring the work of five visiting and many local artists of monstrous talent.

Night One featured Fancy Artist Talks with Pam Hall, Joshua Vettivelu, Damien Worth, Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea, Sean Martindale, Audrey Hurd, and graff artist Nelio. Our good friends at Raymonds restaurant invented a dreamy cocktail for each artist. Life lessons: artists are delicious!

Night Two: Dreamworlds Art Crawl. This was an experiment for us and it was a smashing success! Our featured artists set up camp at a variety of amazing host venues orbiting our home base: The Ship Pub. Enthusiastic participants ran around downtown collecting a stamp at each venue, and indulging their cloud-headedness with interactive video-game style installations, an intimate experience with strangers in which heartbeats were amplified into the space, a map of our local dreamworld, delicate suspended paper forms with otherworldly animations projected through them, and much more.

The marathon traipsed along as it tends to do, with delicious pizza and beer to keep us all going! The bands, including locals Delusion Victims and (my personal favourite) Cafeteria had all the best kind of sweaty weird dancing late into the night! Plus Raymonds came with a Taco station. ’nuff said.

marathon artists hard at work

marathon artists hard at work

The following day, visiting artist Sean Martindale (Toronto) finished the installation of his piece “Fencefront Views”, created with spray paint, snow fencing, and a whole whack of zip ties. Mounted on the controversial new harbour-front fence, it existed (briefly) as an elegant and poetic lament of the loss of pedestrian harbourfront access.

The installation was removed at approximately 9 pm on Sunday evening by port authority employees with box cutters. “The port authority has said the fence is necessary to accommodate industrial activity at the harbour involving foreign-flagged vessels and cruise ships,” says Andrew Robinson of the Telegram, in his article on the removal of the fence. The port authority claims the removal was necessary to allow for construction beginning Monday morning…


“What Lies Between Us”
Sean Martindale

Well folks, it certainly was eventful, exhausting, and as always a total blast. Congratulations to all the participants, thank you to all the visitors, and hold on to your hats for next year!



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