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Bits & Places

so this is happening

so this is happening

Please also note that it is happening until September 27th, not the 21st, as my misleading poster suggests.

Bits & Places is a small selection of pieces from a new body of work. This exhibition contains sculpture, video and performance that works to decode, decipher, re-cipher and write poems about the body. I aim to ask questions about “the body” as a lived space, an idea, and a site. Looking at the body as: a being moving through time and space, a fundamental constituent of its environment, and a universe in itself, these works hum quietly about boundaries, socialization, roles, and transcendence.

I would like to extend sincere thanks to Audrey Hurd, Andrew Wardlaw, and April White for their assistance with this exhibition.


So I failed to post this like, two weeks ago when the show was actually opening. I stayed up all night finishing a piece, because of course art never happens in the timely fashion I’d like (for me, at least). So I was awake for 39 hours and gave a little talk about the work and had a little beer and did a little dance and had a very large good time. My sincere thanks to everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us!


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