the prism house


I know, I know. I keep promising I’ll be better at this, and when I promise that I believe that I will! And then I’m not. Things are busy around here as always – there is a new tool addition to the wood shop: a mitre saw! This new friend will come in handy in making a few necessary cuts to the leg posts that will result in completion of the new work bench! Amongst many other things in the works.

Over December and January I was working like a fiend on creating several woven items as gifts. There is little I love more than making, especially repetitive processes like weaving, when your body becomes a rhythmic tide of motion and the act becomes a moving meditation – like yoga and craft combined. It is truly a privilege to be able to choose these actions, to perform them with encouragement and to perform them in safety – many makers are not afforded such comfort.

The most recent piece that is near completion is a scarf for a very good friend of mine. The idea for the piece came from a particularly salient line in a text which has had great influence on us both – Slavoj Zizek’s Looking AwryThe book was of special significance to us while we completed our undergraduate degrees at York University.



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