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Kindred Spirits learn to weave

Two weekends ago I had the great pleasure of leading a weaving workshop with a few members of the Ferryland knitting group Kindred Spirits. Their smiles were ready and their hands willing! It was a great time. We began with a warp that had been prepared on the warping board by one of their members, and proceeded through the threading of the reed, the heddles, and finally rolling on and preparing to begin their samples.

I went in with worries that the threading stages would prove tiresome; that the group would grow bored or frustrated with the long and tedious process. But they didn’t! We shared so many stories and so many laughs, and even read aloud for a spell while people took turns threading the heddles. I have never seen a group of people work together to set up one warp before, and it was a decided delight to witness this dedicated, spirited, lovely group of friends working alongside one another.

I can’t wait to see their first finished piece of weaving!


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