the prism house

adjusting tensions

Today I arrived early to the studio with bags full of tools and cords and books and other useful bits and bobs. I even brought my guitar. It’s important sometimes to take a break and let your brain and body switch gears. Plus, I want this studio to feel at home as much as possible. There’s a kettle, and I brought in a box of tea so I can sip on something warm while I ponder at my loom.

I made myself a “to do” list and set about it and ticked everything off and made lots of discoveries along the way. At some point along the line of being a maker I began to embrace the idea that you can begin process with no idea how you’re going to get to the end. I try not to let myself be deterred by missing pieces of information, preferring instead to look the necessary things up and fold new skills into myself as I go. I did some of that today too, and though the first attempts are unrefined, they certainly help boost one’s confidence.

The tough thing about muses is that they are unpredictable. Sometimes I get to the studio and look around and think, “what am I doing here?” Sometimes you feel like you’re standing on the cracked bed of dirt where a river used to run. You can remember the gentle lapping sounds and the way light glinted off its surface but you’re breathing in dust and wondering what happened. BUT SOMETIMES you get to the studio with a plan and you clamber on and find yourself utterly thrilled by possibility. And today was one of those days.


2 comments on “adjusting tensions

  1. Dad
    October 18, 2015

    Good for you and well said.

  2. Meghan
    October 18, 2015

    That last image is stunning. What a wonderful project you are embarking upon!

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