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This week I am…

Things are moving along it seems! I had the best intentions to update this more regularly (as you well know, I always do) and specifically with attention to some really amazing and important projects and people – fellow creative folx – who I think are awesome:

Who have I been listening to in studio this week (I’m not a music person so please don’t feel affronted by the non-accuracy of my music lingo):

Daze Jefferies: Ritual Frames
Daze is going to be a superstar with her sultry, synth-electro sound. I am lucky enough to see her play often around town, at house shows and events like Queer Uncensored. Pop over to her bandcamp and give her a listen. Consider buying some music and supporting one of the most talented local musicians I know.

Other work I am looking at:

Two locals anyone who has previously read this blog may be familiar with…

Audrey Hurd - until it - foam

Audrey Hurd, currently travelling Europe after a recent residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts and the subsequent exhibition of her new print work at the Albert Printmakers Gallery. Audrey was last Fall’s Elbow Room artist in residence, and her exhibition Until It Remembers You – an exhibition of three pillars of varying materials whose forms were created by Audrey’s hugs, alongside a wall of seemingly innocuous but unnerving ceramic tiles – was deeply affective, funny, and touching. Have a look at her work here.

Virginia Mitford - water and light installation

Virginia Mitford: Virginia was the recipient of last year’s Don Wright scholarship at St. Michael’s Printshop. Her final exhibition was a beautiful and haunting combination of print work and animation. She is currently completing a month-long residency at the same print shop before trekking along to Montreal for her next residency. I am thinking of her because she once showed me a beautiful installation she did during her undergrad, in which she projected a video onto many layers of muslin, staggered across the space. Have a look at her work here.

I’m going to try to do this weekly. OK. For real this time.

A picture of progress, or, technolineage.

A picture of progress, or, technolineage.


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