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With a little help from my friends

This has been a pretty inspiring two weeks full of studio visits and good conversation and weaving and weaving and weaving!

My wool arrived after what seemed a nigh unbearable wait and I have been weaving day and night. My days are long and nights are short and I try to remember my mom’s words of wisdom in both asking for and accepting help, which I have been doing and been fortified by the graciousness of my community:

Mom cooked me two jars of veggie pasta and two jars of soup and baked cookies to sustain me over the weekend. I would be lost without the ongoing assistance of local craftsperson Clare Dawn Couture, who has been preparing warps and winding skeins for me at a breakneck pace and helping me roll on to my looms. And yesterday my magnificent friend (and brilliant curator and arts writer) Mary MacDonald spurred a friends-giving initiative of such beauty that I nearly wept with joy:


Elbow Room - Mary Mac superstar food drive


It has inspired the dream of creating an ongoing network of friends and contributors to help us all support each other in times of need; in times when we are over-worked and over-tired and maybe need someone to come and do our dishes while we nap or drive us to Home Depot or feed us some hot soup. We do these things for each other on a smaller scale often, and formalizing it makes it shine with the strength of a barter economy powered by LOVE.

Speaking of love and economy…it is a special privilege to have a life in which I can choose to work this hard for something so specialized, and in which I am given the opportunity to do so. All this weaving is giving me lots of time to think through class privilege and the role of art under consumerism/capitalism. It is my hope that when people step into the work they will have an inspiring experience with the freedom to poetically interpret it and make a connection and think new thoughts. But it also gives me time to think meditate on resource allocation and on all the amazing organizations here that could use support, like these ones! (in case you’re in St. John’s and have got some time or extra resources on hand…)

Association for New Canadians
Refugee and Immigrant Association
Choices for Youth
Newfoundland Sexual Assault Crisis & Prevention Centre

I look so forward to cooking and cleaning and filing (paper or metal) for friends (artists and otherwise) in my community after this show opens, especially after this inspiring initiative to keep me fed and healthy while I undertake this giant project.

And now, for good measure, some cute shoes:

cute dapper weaving shoes!

cute dapper weaving shoes!


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