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jigs & rods


Believe it or not, the weaving is done! 70 yards of it. And now I am returning to my ‘roots’, so to speak, and bending 1/4″ steel rod to create an armature for this mammoth installation. I say this because the giant frame I am now building bears remarkable resemblance to the first thing I ever made in sculpture class during my degree. But on a much, much larger scale.


My good and clever friend J Butler helped me wrap my head around fashioning jigs to aid in the process. We did some solid problem solving and devised these re-purposed flange-and-PVC-pipes to do the job. They are great because they have perfect grooves in the centre to trap the rod as it’s bending.


My other good pal Audrey Hurd stopped by today with a delicious mint hot chocolate drink and took a couple photos. I taped out the shapes on the floor as a guide.



These are some pages from my sketchbook. Working at this scale involves an incredible amount of math. You have to make sure everything’s going to line up before you bend it. Especially when you’re going to hand it off to a super-duper highly trained awesome artist and installation technician like Will Gill to weld.

And, as always, I properly knolled the table before getting to work.


Elbow Room - knolled tabled tools - blog



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  1. Harry Bryan
    January 11, 2016

    Very good Smidge! Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 02:28:59 +0000 To:

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