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Held Fast

Held fast by art, by community, by friendship, through fear and by trust. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Eastern Edge Gallery and the HOLD FAST Contemporary Art Festival for allowing Pepa Chan and I to present this brand new performance work. Thanks to the brilliant, hilarious, and committed participants in our workshop and to the marvelous and engaged folks who attended the Fancy Artist Talks.

The festival weekend was a long and busy one, full of generosity and richness and grace. Pepa Chan & I performed Eat Your Heart Out, a brand new durational performance that pushed us to test the limits of our discomfort and our trust. Over 2.5 hours in the bleak chill of a Newfoundland evening, in a dark and fragrant alley, Pepa and I fed each other a 7 course meal while blindfolded. Our charming and courteous server Taylor brought a course every 20 minutes, and the crowds watched in tense silence. In fact, most of the evening I though we were alone! Quiet as mice, they were. You can read a lovely recap of our performance by Emily Pittman here at The Overcast.






Balloons & Feelings included a variety of theater-based games which we amended to include balloons. Though no fear of harm, the sudden and unpredictable popping of a balloon is enough to incite some anxiety in most people. This workshop was designed to draw people together across the fear of this precarious object.


Pepa & I would like to extend massive thank yous to so many, many people that we couldn’t hope to name them all…to our incredible volunteers during the workshop and the performance, to the workshop participants, to the photographers and documenters, to all the fine folks who lent us the many props we needed, to our server Taylor and their magnificent warmth, and to Eastern Edge – the director, assistant director, festival manager and festival coordinators – who worked like maniacs night and day to pull off a festival of this scope and wonder. And of course, to all the viewers, without whom what are we doing this for? You rock!


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