the prism house

what is the prism house?

Oh hi there!

I developed this blog to keep you fine folx updated about what’s going on in this creative little house. I am the permanent resident and manager of the house: artist, critical thinker, queer theorist, and program coordinator at a totally rad community craft & art school. In time, we hope to host a fluctuating myriad of artists, writers, poets, performers, puppeteers, and general creatives. If you are interested in joining us for a period of time, please send us an e-mail.

This house is great because:

There is a garden where tiny vegetables grow.

There are windows where light pours in, casting glowing orbs across shelves filled with inspiring collections of weird things.

There are spaces for:

  • Wood working: The basement studio contains two workbenches, a drill press, scroll saw, mitre saw, hand saws, and a circular saw, cordless power drill, as well as smaller hand tools like vice grips, clamps, pliers, screwdrivers and the like. This is a good space for doing wood projects or mold making and casting.
  • Drawing, painting, bookmaking, and other crafts: In the upstairs studio there is a built in desk with a lamp and an outstandingly opulent easel. It is a nice quiet space to sit and sketch, draw, paint, do paper cuts, bind books, and other tasks that don’t require power tools or make crazy amounts of dust. We recently acquired a paper cutter, much to my joy. In our front room there is a large drafting table and lots of light.
  • Yoga: We have a big living room where we like to do yoga and have the occasional sing-and-dance party.
  • Photo/videoThe yoga space remains open throughout the week, and can be used for talking circles, exercise, photo or video shoots, and more. We have a tripod and 5′ wide white paper backdrop for communal use.

It is conveniently located downtown in a vibrant arts community:

  • We have forged a tight bond with our local artist run centre Eastern Edge, who you should definitely check out. Their commitment to exhibiting progressive contemporary work and their openness as facilitators make this an amazing place to hang out, chat with the director and assistant director, and read selections from their impressive library.
  • Stroll down towards the harbour and onto Duckworth Street to find the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft, Art & Design, where you can enroll in a one day to multi-week class in anything from figure drawing to metalwork for jewellers, from knitting to stained glass.
  • A mere 15 minute walk get you right downtown, amongst shops, pubs, restaurants, galleries, and lots of live music.

It is filled with love.

We strive to maintain an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance, honesty, and considered engagement. Emphasis is placed on the exchange of challenging, constructive ideas, and of affectionate support. Also, the use of recycled materials and an interest in sustainability.

Stay tuned for updates on workshops, DIY crafting ideas, links to super-spiffy-nifty creative people, and event listings for the area.

Get in touch anytime.

Peace and love,
The Prism House.

all content copyright Kailey Bryan unless otherwise stated.


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